Why are you building someone else’s income stream?

Imagine if you will – a good paying corporate job, nice home, happy family, club sports and yearly vacations?  Now, have you considered what might happen if you got your walking papers tomorrow?

Today’s corporate working environment is much different than the long term, work for a company from graduation thru retirement and get a pension that our parents enjoyed:

  • Companies are regularly bought and sold, and workers are terminated. There is very little loyalty
  • “Contracts” are renegotiated on the regular – commissions or salaries are cut to bring company profits in line with changing market dynamics

That’s where the Side Hustle comes in.  If you spend time building your own multiple income streams, rather than depending on someone else’s business to take care of you, a pink slip won’t panic you.

Notice I said Income Streams. As in Plural.  The reason being – things change on a regular basis.  The affiliate commissions you get could dry up if the company goes belly up.  The leads you get from FB or IG can go away if FB decides to randomly suspend your account (hey, it happens!) The MLM you promote changes it’s terms and your commissions get cut.

If your entire business is built on someone else’s goodwill and they change the terms — you have no business!  Being dependent on someone else in your life and business takes control out of your hands and adds anxiety. 

The bottom line is — and let me quote my Grandmother, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” 

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