Should you GO FOR THE NO??

Raise your hand if you have been a victim of the GO FOR NO sales mentality in Network Marketing.  If you belong to an MLM, how many of your Upline have trained you in this aggressive way?

Let’s be honest.  This is a tactic, which in its core, takes advantage of the timid consumer, and for the majority, this doesn’t build a long lasting relationship, rather a quick, one time product sale just so you will stop harassing them.   This gives the whole industry an unfortunately bad reputation it may not deserve — Network and MLM marketing should be fairly viewed on their merits as a legitimate business with great products.

A no doesn’t have to mean the door is closed. But…and it’s a big one; the hard sale should be replaced with relationship building.  This is a much softer way of massaging a NO or a skeptic into a long term relationship.  A shift in your mindset may cause a shift in theirs — build a trust factor with a customer, friend, team member for the long haul.

Remember, a NO is inevitable. However, the goal should be to build relationships, not an immediate, one-time sale. Stay with people for the long-haul. Offer them value, show them genuine interest, and follow up. The prospect that said no the first time may eventually become a yes.

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