Lack of Motivation? Or something else…


It may not be that you lack motivation, but that you simply practice procrastination. Procrastination is defined as deliberately delaying or putting off something that requires your attention — even though you know that the outcome may cause negative consequences.  But in all honesty, you may be avoiding your task based upon some form of fear.

Most humans tend to gravitate to those things we find pleasurable and put off what we find painful in some way.

The trigger point of procrastination differs with every person. Often the cause of this problem might be due to anxiety – such as worrying that the outcome won’t be perfect, or even worse — flat out failure.

Ask yourself:  What is the worst that could happen?

Then: Take Action. Run toward your goals. Failure at some point is inevitable – but to get where you want you’ll have to face it head on.  Tell yourself that Thomas Edison made over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at developing the lightbulb.  And you can now thank him that you can see to read this

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