Get paid to answer Questions

Ever had a specific question you needed an answer for and didn’t know exactly where to turn?  There are several websites specifically built for this reason, beyond the obvious “ask Alexa”.

You can become the person to get paid to answer questions if you have a license, credentials, or have an affinity and knowledge towards a particular subject.


Sites like , where you can  ask a question to verified doctors, lawyers, vets, mechanics, and more online.  Best of all, you can ask questions and get answers within minutes, 24/7, without wasting time on hold or in a waiting room.

JustAnswer will match your question with the most qualified Expert available. You get unlimited back and forth until your question is answered for a fraction of an in-person appointment.

There are no scheduled shifts. 

You can make your own hours and work only when you want.  JustAnswer pays Experts every month via Paypal. 

Adept at Electronics?  is a community based troubleshooting resource that provides consumer generated, practical product tips to help others get answers on over 19 million products. Fixya is a place where you can share real experiences and provide practical advice. 

From fixing cars, to cameras, to mobile devices, Fixya empowers over 30 million monthly visitors to repair and improve upon products they already own.

Education: is a great option for education related questions and tutoring. 

Students post detailed questions.  Tutors are recommended based on the subject question. Messages made through Studypool’s chat feature, and they pay at the conclusion of the chat.

Tutors are on a bidding system, and the hours are completely flexible. Studypool makes getting paid easy for tutors. Payment transactions are made via Paypal or Transferwise.

Business Consulting

Join to profit from your knowledge and connections, network with other smart professionals. Profit from what you know. A “microconsulting” platform puts real value on your knowledge and gives you the power to manage your own private and secure professional network. You decide with whom to connect and consult and what types of opportunities are appropriate for you.

In just a few flexible hours a month, you can make some pocket money by utilizing the knowledge already in your head!

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