Best Times to Post on Social Media to Attract More Customers

Looking to improve your post reach on Facebook?  I’m sure you do. Reach is everything when posting on Facebook so your posts are useless if no one is online to read it. That’s why it’s important that you know when people are online and then post at that time for optimal impact.

In this post, I will show you how to use a really awesome Facebook tool that will let you know exactly when your audience is most active on Facebook. So what is the best time to post on Facebook? Before we get started on the best time to post on your Facebook Page, you must first understand that audiences are different for different businesses.

So, when posting on Facebook, you have to find the right time when most of YOUR audience is active on The Social Media Platform. I’m sure at this point you’d have asked “but Jason, how do I know when my audience is online or active?” Well, Facebook can help you answer that with an inbuilt tool called ‘Facebook Analytics’. The tool is going to figure it all out for you.

How do you Use Facebook Analytics?

If you’ve been using Facebook for a while, you’d know that they make things as simple as possible and the Facebook Analytics tool is no different. The app garners data from your previous posts and shows you what time people engaged with your post the most as well as the posts with the most engagement. This way, you can know what’s working for your business; pretty awesome right?

So, here’s what you need to do to get the ball rolling:

You’ll need to give the app enough data to work with. This means that you’ll need to keep making relevant posts on your Facebook page. You can start with 3 posts every day for 7 days. This will allow the bots learn until the app gets enough data to give you the metrics you desire.

Next, you’ll need to map out a schedule from the metrics provided by the Analytics tool, taking cognizance of the nature and time of most engaging posts.

You should stick to this strategy, but ensure that you check out the Facebook Analytics tool every now and then to find out if there’s any improvement. The Facebook Analytics tool is a bot and it learns with each passing day; you must never forget that.

Facebook is a really powerful platform, but it can only yield the required returns when done right. If you’re making posts on Facebook; it’s only logical that you will want as many people as possible to see it. With the Facebook Analytics tool, this can be achieved thus, helping you get the best out of your social media marketing efforts.

Elevator Pitch – How to Tell Your Prospects an Exciting Story

Have you imagined creating an elevator pitch or story that brings out the enthusiasm in your prospects and gets them willing to join your team or buy from you?

That’s precisely what you stand to gain when you create a power story. Your power story will make prospects start paying attention to you and this can fetch you more sales and more teammates.

In this post, I’ll teach you how to create an elevator pitch or power story that will get the attention of your prospects and have them immediately interested in what you’re offering.

Your elevator pitch tells a powerful story

Sharing a story is one of the best ways to get people interested in what you do or sell.

As harsh as this may sound, your prospects do not care about:

  • The 7 ‘miracle’ ingredients in your product
  • The award your CEO just won
  • The presence of your company in the Inc 500 list etc

Admittedly, you might be excited about all these things and rightly so, but your prospects? not so much…maybe not at all.

The only thing your prospect does care about is If your business or product will work for them

And the best way to satisfy this curiosity is through a POWER story.

The question now is, have you sat down to create a power story

If you have, great! But if not, it’s okay. We are going to do it together.

If you’re unsure of the importance of crafting a power story, then I’d recommend a book I completely love titled “Get Over Your Damn Self” by Romi Neustadt.

Now I’m going to share with you some of the tips that she shares in the book that can help you create an elevator pitch or story that leaves people yearning for more.

Below are the 4 key elements to creating a powerful elevator pitch

  • Who are you?
  • What’s changed in your life that’s made you start looking for more
  • How you got to know about your company and why you chose to be a part of it
  • What it’s doing for you or what it promises to do for you

These are the 4 powerful ingredients you’ll want to include in your power story

They don’t have to be long…it’s actually best if you keep it concise and sweet.

People are not interested in how successful you are so it’s better to be yourself. As a matter of fact, the more vulnerable and human you appear, the more powerful your elevator pitch will be. This is because the more vulnerable you appear, the more accessible you will look and so it’ll be easier for people to relate to you.

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Residual Income – Why you Should Earn it

In this post, you’ll learn why earning residual income could be the best financial security you can get for you and your family.

But before we get into the nitty-gritty, I have a very important question for you…

If something bad happens to you and as a result, you can no longer work, would you be financially buoyant enough to take care of yourself and your family?

If your answer is no, then you really need to take a good look at your financial situation and make the necessary changes.

If you’re serious about securing your financial future, then I implore you to get hold of a notebook and a pen and take notes as what you’re going to learn here is very important.

What is Residual Income & Why is it So Important?

Active income is income that is earned as a direct result of your efforts.

It occurs when you work for a certain period of time and get paid a certain amount of money for the time you worked. This can be in the form of salaries, wages and self-employed service providers like doctors and lawyers.

The difference between active and residual income is that in the latter, your income isn’t limited to the hours you put in and different streams of income allow you to be more financially secure.

If you have a job that you enjoy and love, that’s cool but you really need to think about what protection you have in place to save yourself if for whatever reason you can no longer work.

Earning via a Single Stream of Income is Very Risky

Making a living on a single stream of income is as unwise as travelling interstate in your car without a spare tyre. You don’t need anyone to tell you that that’s unnecessarily very risky.

One excuse a lot of people give for not creating more than one stream of income is the risk involved. But the truth is the biggest risk you can take is not to take risks at all.

Take some time to think about it; If for some reason you can longer work and your job is your only source of income, how will you take care of yourself and your family?

That’s a very risky situation to be in and you owe yourself and your family a responsibility to not put them in that kind of position.

Will Residual Income Alone Suffice?

The story of the author Hal Elfrod is useful here. During a difficult time in his life when he was battling aggressive cancer, he couldn’t work or take care of himself. However, he was so grateful because when he was younger, he discovered network marketing and learned how to create multiple streams of income.

If not for the fact that he had more than one stream of income, he would not have been able to take care of himself, let alone his family and the situation would have been a lot worse than it already was.


Whatever You’re Thinking – Think Bigger

A lot of people have small minds. People are generally more concerned about today alone and usually, don’t take the time to plan for their future.

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and you’re mentally and physically capable, imagine if something goes wrong and you’re suddenly unable to work.

Concentrate Your Energy In the Right Areas of Your Life

If you currently have a job you need to keep to make ends meet even though you’d rather be someplace else, then admittedly, your situation is a bit more challenging but trust me when I say it can be done.

Here’s the thing; you don’t need to put in too much into building your business to see positive results. All you need is to put an hour or two daily and over time, you’ll reap the fruits of your labor.

Once you can practice and master this, you’ll be happier and less stressed because you’re doing something you don’t only love but rewards you more.

You Are Fully Responsible for Your Financial Future

The most important thing to learn here is that no one but you is responsible for your financial future – not the economy and definitely not your employer; you are completely responsible for how your financial future will look like.

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How to Overcome Challenges in Life

In this post, I’m going to show you some very effective strategies on how to quickly overcome challenges and come out even better and stronger.

Challenges, struggles and problems are all a part of life and business. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr

“the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience but where he stands at times of challenges and controversy.”

So if you really want to make it in life, you should expect them, embrace them when they come and even be thankful for them because they will build your strength and character like nothing else can.

One more reason why challenges are a good thing is that all great leaders are defined by their ability to handle the challenges they face.

And I’m sure the fact that you’re on my website means that you want to develop leadership qualities and also help others become leaders as well.

At different points in your life, you will encounter challenges. And although you have no control over when they will come you can choose how to respond to them.

And your response will, to a large extent determine how successful you will be.

I hope that the strategies I’m going to share with you will be of great help to you and help you overcome the challenges that come your way.

The Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

The difference between successful entrepreneurs and unsuccessful ones is not challenges because everyone has challenges. It is the ability to tackle obstacles one after the other without losing their zeal and conviction to make things happen in their business.

But this ability isn’t something that leaders are born with. More often than not, it is a skill that is developed over a period of time.

The Obstacle Is The Way

This simply means that instead of feeling discouraged when you’re faced with challenges, you should concentrate your efforts on looking at overcoming obstacles and challenges as a way of life.

And using every challenge or obstacle as a springboard to soar higher, get better and become stronger

The words of Marcus Aurelius are useful here;

“Our actions may be impeded… but there can be no impeding our intentions or dispositions. Because we can accommodate and adapt, the mind adapts and converts to its own purposes the obstacle to our acting.

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

I know this is easier said than done!

But the moment you begin to look at unsavory situations as an opportunity for development and growth and apply nothing but positive energy to all of them, you’ll overcome these challenges and emerge not only wiser but stronger as well.


Always be pragmatic and ask the right type of questions that will help you arrive at solutions to overcoming your obstacles.

For example, instead of asking “why is this happening to me?”

Ask “What lessons and opportunities will I get from overcoming this challenge?”

Asking and answering the second question will  make you a much better person and make your life and business, a whole lot better.

Below are some great resources that will help you even more

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Question of the week:

How do you perceive challenges? Do you have any techniques or strategies that you employ to help you overcome them?

Feel free to share it in the comments section below so that others can learn!

Did you get value from this training?

I really hope you did because I put in a lot of work weekly to ensure that you get great network marketing strategies that will positively impact your business and ultimately, your life.

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How to Get your Prospects Interested in your Business

In this post, I’m going to share tips on how to get your prospects excited about your business, service or products. I understand that it can be frustrating when you try to share your services or products to people and they’re apathetic to it or they can’t just understand what you’re talking about.

The good news is there are some amazing sales tips that if well implemented can help you get your prospects to listen to what you have to say.

Here’s the thing; your prospects aren’t really concerned about what you’re selling. The only thing they’re thinking is “what’s in it for me?”

The moment you understand this, the more effective your prospecting will be and so I’m going to tell you what to say so that your prospects will:

  • Listen to You
  • Get Excited
  • Become Inquisitive

In a nutshell, people couldn’t care less about what you’re offering, on the contrary, they’re only concerned about how it adds VALUE to their lives without which they will not patronize you.

If you’re really interested in getting prospects excited about your business or service, then you definitely have to speak to the need, wants and desires that they have.

Sales Tip

Stop talking features and start talking benefits. Don’t know what the benefits of your business or products are? I’ll show you. Here’s an example.

Example 1

If for example, you’re in health and wellness with a basic 3 Step System that can help with weight loss, telling your prospect how amazing your product is because it’s a simple 3 step system is going to make them yawn and get them disinterested. You know why? It’s a feature; it won’t interest your prospect because it doesn’t tell them how it will benefit them.

So think more about the benefits of your products and who it’s meant for.

Benefit: An easy weight loss strategy for busy people who don’t have the luxury of trying out complex weight loss plans or diets

This will obviously help a busy and ultra-mobile person so you could say something like;

“Our simple but very effective 3 step system can help you lose weight and release you from the grim task of counting calories or making and sticking to complicated recipes that take aeons to make.”

Assuming that’s your prospect you’ll most likely get them to listen.

Sales Tip – You Don’t Want To Come Across as Salesy

This is a no-no because you’re going to feel bad about yourself whether or not you make any sales. But when you’re genuinely interested in what people really want and make yourself the go-to guy when they need a solution, you won’t only get more loyal and happy customers, you’ll also feel good about yourself and about what you do.

People need to see a clear picture of how your products can add value to their lives and it is your duty to paint that picture

Want to download this episode?

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Download – Tips on Getting your Prospects Interested in your Business.pdf

Social Media Marketing: Getting Content for Your Social Media Channels

Content is KING! This is a popular saying in the digital marketing community because the content you feed your subscribers and fans on your social media channels determines your success as a brand. The reason people visit certain pages for news is that these brands have earned the trust of these followers by delivering amazing and credible content over and over again.     

Whatever your niche is, your brand’s success depends on the content you provide your followers on your social media channels. The aim is to build a community and the sooner you realise this, the better for you.

Here are some tips on creating outstanding content on your social media pages:

Variety spices everything up

Ever heard the saying, “variety is the spice of life?” It is most applicable in post planning. To keep your subscribers interested, you’ll have to mix things up a bit. If you are in the health/fitness niche for example, then daily health tips mixed with health quotes will go a long way in keeping your fans engaged.

Comedy is also important in keeping the spirit alive as people will always visit a place where they can have a good laugh. So take advantage of it and include some humour in your content. 

However, in spicing things up, you don’t want to compromise relevance so make sure you stay true to the course.

Show, don’t just tell!

Telling people about your brand is not enough, you’ll have to show them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and statistics have shown that the brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text.  You would be missing out on a lot if you do not use videos and high-quality images on your site. Plus, videos also help your subscribers remember more of whatever message you have conveyed.

The benefits of using videos on your site are not restricted to cognitive purposes only, videos make your audience relate with you on a more personal level hence, building your brand’s credibility and earning the trust of your fans.

Be Organized

Proper planning precedes success. In creating posts for your channels, you must be well-organised. There’s no space for randomisation if you want to do a good job. Get a calendar; this is going to point out the type of content to be shared on your page and also the time. For example, you could have a questionnaire every Friday evening and a quiz every Wednesday.

However, getting a calendar is not enough; you’ll now have to work on filling it up with superb content.

Get your fans Actively Involved

A common occurrence in recent times is businesses placing so much attention on ‘getting content out there’ that they neglect the consumers’ need to be engaged which brought them on the platform in the first place. When you constantly inundate your followers with information about your product and services, it begins to sound like a lecture.

One surefire way to ensure that you’re delivering the right content to your followers is to make them part of the content generation process. Ask for their contributions or set up quiz competitions with giveaway prizes. By doing this, you not only engage your followers, you’ll be earning their loyalty as well.

Side Hustles You Can Start With No Money

Beginning a new side hustle is more often than not an expensive experience but if you dig deep, you’ll discover that low-cost ideas still exist for aspiring or lean entrepreneurs with unique and valuable talent.

Have a firm knowledge of the sellable kills you currently have, recommends Holly Reisem Hanna, founder of career blog, The Work at Home Woman. Make a list of your previous jobs, trainings and educational achievements to help you take cognizance of vocational interests and patterns that can help you in your search for your new business venture.

“In this exercise, you want to go deep,” she says, “so include what you liked and didn’t like about past jobs, training and schooling.”

If you need more small business ideas to get going, you definitely want to consider these tested and trusted business ideas you can start without any immediate costs:


A lot more businesses and companies are turning to freelancers to reduce their in-house costs and this presents an opportunity for freelance designers, writers, animators etc. an opportunity to share their talents with a wide range of clients.

Pet services

The American Pet Products Association, says that pet owners in 2016 spent an estimated $66.8 Billion on their four-legged friends, with almost 6 billion of that amount going towards grooming and boarding.

If you have a passion for pets, you can start by rendering a pet-sitting or dog-walking service for little to no capital at all. You can then go further by becoming a trainer although you will have to invest in a certification to give your business more credibility.

Personal training

The fitness craze reached a crescendo in 2017 and considering the fact that you can start out without any real costs, it makes sense to cash in on it if you are athletically blessed. You can begin by concentrating on body-resistance exercises in parks and other public spaces. You can of course, take your hustle to a new level by investing in weights, resistance bands and other exercise gear to fast track your clients’ progress and have them coming back to you for more.

Although there are no state or federal laws that control who can or cannot call themselves a personal trainer, you are advised to get certified by an authoritative industry organization. This will usually involve some costs but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll also want to have liability insurance in case any of your clients suffer injuries during training.

Manual work

On a daily basis, home repairs and maintenance have a way of accumulating so if you have a natural inclination towards house work, you may want to consider putting yourself up as a master of manual labor. Begin by gaining expertise in a particular niche like landscaping or painting to help you build some credibility among clients.

Consulting and teaching

Your most valuable assets are the skills and knowledge you already have. So you may want to consider selling your well-honed skills if you are a math guru, musical wonderkid or grammar guru. Although you may have to spend a few bucks to publicize your services beyond your family members or social media  friends.

But entrepreneur beware

However, it is recommended that you avoid working in industries like healthcare because the standard of operation in such areas is generally very high thus making the guidelines hard to navigate. Even outside highly regulated industries, there are some common dangers to avoid when pursing your side hustle.

  • Don’t put your main job in jeopardy – In most cases, you’ll need to have a full-time job to help you generate income while your new hustle is gearing to take off. It’s also important you don’t allow your side hustle adversely affect your main job. You might also want to recheck your contract and ensure that there isn’t a non-compete clause signed with your full-time employer.
  • Have a good look at certificates and licensing – It is important that you keep overhead costs low but there are some corners that you just cannot afford to cut. Even if you’re starting a business off your skills like baking or hair dressing, it is important that you follow regulatory guidelines for your industry. If you intend operating your business from home, ensure that your home insurance covers whatever incident may arise from the operation of the business.