Social Media Marketing: Getting Content for Your Social Media Channels

Content is KING! This is a popular saying in the digital marketing community because the content you feed your subscribers and fans on your social media channels determines your success as a brand. The reason people visit certain pages for news is that these brands have earned the trust of these followers by delivering amazing and credible content over and over again.     

Whatever your niche is, your brand’s success depends on the content you provide your followers on your social media channels. The aim is to build a community and the sooner you realise this, the better for you.

Here are some tips on creating outstanding content on your social media pages:

Variety spices everything up

Ever heard the saying, “variety is the spice of life?” It is most applicable in post planning. To keep your subscribers interested, you’ll have to mix things up a bit. If you are in the health/fitness niche for example, then daily health tips mixed with health quotes will go a long way in keeping your fans engaged.

Comedy is also important in keeping the spirit alive as people will always visit a place where they can have a good laugh. So take advantage of it and include some humour in your content. 

However, in spicing things up, you don’t want to compromise relevance so make sure you stay true to the course.

Show, don’t just tell!

Telling people about your brand is not enough, you’ll have to show them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and statistics have shown that the brain processes imagery 60,000 times faster than text.  You would be missing out on a lot if you do not use videos and high-quality images on your site. Plus, videos also help your subscribers remember more of whatever message you have conveyed.

The benefits of using videos on your site are not restricted to cognitive purposes only, videos make your audience relate with you on a more personal level hence, building your brand’s credibility and earning the trust of your fans.

Be Organized

Proper planning precedes success. In creating posts for your channels, you must be well-organised. There’s no space for randomisation if you want to do a good job. Get a calendar; this is going to point out the type of content to be shared on your page and also the time. For example, you could have a questionnaire every Friday evening and a quiz every Wednesday.

However, getting a calendar is not enough; you’ll now have to work on filling it up with superb content.

Get your fans Actively Involved

A common occurrence in recent times is businesses placing so much attention on ‘getting content out there’ that they neglect the consumers’ need to be engaged which brought them on the platform in the first place. When you constantly inundate your followers with information about your product and services, it begins to sound like a lecture.

One surefire way to ensure that you’re delivering the right content to your followers is to make them part of the content generation process. Ask for their contributions or set up quiz competitions with giveaway prizes. By doing this, you not only engage your followers, you’ll be earning their loyalty as well.

Side Hustles You Can Start With No Money

Beginning a new side hustle is more often than not an expensive experience but if you dig deep, you’ll discover that low-cost ideas still exist for aspiring or lean entrepreneurs with unique and valuable talent.

Have a firm knowledge of the sellable kills you currently have, recommends Holly Reisem Hanna, founder of career blog, The Work at Home Woman. Make a list of your previous jobs, trainings and educational achievements to help you take cognizance of vocational interests and patterns that can help you in your search for your new business venture.

“In this exercise, you want to go deep,” she says, “so include what you liked and didn’t like about past jobs, training and schooling.”

If you need more small business ideas to get going, you definitely want to consider these tested and trusted business ideas you can start without any immediate costs:


A lot more businesses and companies are turning to freelancers to reduce their in-house costs and this presents an opportunity for freelance designers, writers, animators etc. an opportunity to share their talents with a wide range of clients.

Pet services

The American Pet Products Association, says that pet owners in 2016 spent an estimated $66.8 Billion on their four-legged friends, with almost 6 billion of that amount going towards grooming and boarding.

If you have a passion for pets, you can start by rendering a pet-sitting or dog-walking service for little to no capital at all. You can then go further by becoming a trainer although you will have to invest in a certification to give your business more credibility.

Personal training

The fitness craze reached a crescendo in 2017 and considering the fact that you can start out without any real costs, it makes sense to cash in on it if you are athletically blessed. You can begin by concentrating on body-resistance exercises in parks and other public spaces. You can of course, take your hustle to a new level by investing in weights, resistance bands and other exercise gear to fast track your clients’ progress and have them coming back to you for more.

Although there are no state or federal laws that control who can or cannot call themselves a personal trainer, you are advised to get certified by an authoritative industry organization. This will usually involve some costs but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll also want to have liability insurance in case any of your clients suffer injuries during training.

Manual work

On a daily basis, home repairs and maintenance have a way of accumulating so if you have a natural inclination towards house work, you may want to consider putting yourself up as a master of manual labor. Begin by gaining expertise in a particular niche like landscaping or painting to help you build some credibility among clients.

Consulting and teaching

Your most valuable assets are the skills and knowledge you already have. So you may want to consider selling your well-honed skills if you are a math guru, musical wonderkid or grammar guru. Although you may have to spend a few bucks to publicize your services beyond your family members or social media  friends.

But entrepreneur beware

However, it is recommended that you avoid working in industries like healthcare because the standard of operation in such areas is generally very high thus making the guidelines hard to navigate. Even outside highly regulated industries, there are some common dangers to avoid when pursing your side hustle.

  • Don’t put your main job in jeopardy – In most cases, you’ll need to have a full-time job to help you generate income while your new hustle is gearing to take off. It’s also important you don’t allow your side hustle adversely affect your main job. You might also want to recheck your contract and ensure that there isn’t a non-compete clause signed with your full-time employer.
  • Have a good look at certificates and licensing – It is important that you keep overhead costs low but there are some corners that you just cannot afford to cut. Even if you’re starting a business off your skills like baking or hair dressing, it is important that you follow regulatory guidelines for your industry. If you intend operating your business from home, ensure that your home insurance covers whatever incident may arise from the operation of the business.