Are your daily habits blocking success?

“Depending on what they are, our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.” ―Sean Covey

You are the sum total of all your daily habits. Do yours block your path to success? Do you even notice the damage your bad habits cause?  The self-control required to develop good habits serves as the foundation for a strong work ethic and high productivity.

Pay attention to who is in front of you

When you sit with someone to have a meal or a a conversation, focus all your energy on them. Nothing is more disruptive or irritating than a person on their mobile device, listening with half an ear.

Giving credence to toxicity

Save your emotional energy for those things and people who enrich your life, not those things that destroy our inner peace.  Breathe in the good stuff, breathe out the bad stuff.  Easier said than done, but with practice gets easier every day.

Do you use your phone, tablet, or computer before bed?

This can disrupt your sleep and tomorrows’ productivity. Blue light plays an important role in your mood, energy level, and sleep quality. It also halts the production of the melatonin hormone. Laptops, tablets, and phones emit bright short-wavelength blue light. A poor night’s sleep can have disastrous effects on your productivity tomorrow.


It’s so easy to mindlessly scroll through Facebook, IG or Twitter.  Doing this keeps us from actual productivity – and we all do it!  The more we pull focus from our actual work projects, the less productive we actually are. 

Click in and out to scroll enough times, and you can go through an entire day without experiencing any real production.

Electronic notifications

Pings are a nightmare to your productivity flow. Check your messages and notifications at designated times, not every time you hear one go off.  If you can’t resist the urge, silence the notifications.

Learn to say NO

“No” is a powerful word that should not be looked at in a negative light. It’s critical to your productivity and work/life balance.  It can be the difference between stress and success.

Multitasking has its place

During a set meeting isn’t it.

Waiting for perfection

What are you waiting for?  Perfection doesn’t exist. Do something. Anything.

Don’t worry about imposter syndrome

Do you compare yourself to others?  Think you cant do something because someone else knows more than you?  Stop!  No one starts out knowing it all, even the person you are comparing yourself too.  Chances are, they feel the same.

Learning to think differently about your daily habits and self talk can have a significant impact on your personal and working success.

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